"Some go to India to find themselves. Some get lost."

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"It has to be here. India. Supposedly the most chaotic, mystical, insane place on the planet. Karma, fate, destiny, a million gods. Science would prove it was all crap. Science would rule. It always does."

Is your entire life course predetermined from the day you are born, meant to be? Or does every second, every thought, every single choice have the potential to change the future forever? One man goes to India to find the truth.

The Experiment: What would happen if you gave an Indian beggar $100US?

Deep within the shitting fields of Udaipur, infamous young scientist Ryan Cartell gives a one-armed beggar $100US and traces the path of fate wherever it leads. The chain of events that follows takes Ryan on an extraordinary journey across the ravages of India, and into the battleground of his own mind."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chaos Theory

Small changes, big effects. Chasing the Indian Butterfly.

The beggar squats and strains. I flapped its wings. Now in motion.

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